Monday, February 18, 2013

Snow Day

 This weekend we had a snow day. You know what that means?

That's right.  TurboTax.

Yes, my husband unhooked the PC and brought it downstairs and set up shop on the kitchen table to rectify our taxes while watching NC State play Va Tech.  Then Duke play Maryland.  Oh Happy Day.

And because I am North Carolina born and breaded I just as well assumed that the beginning of flurries means I am snowed in.  No matter it didn't stick on the roads at all whatsoever. 

Truly I love any excuse to stay in, do nothing, see no one, ignore signs of life, etc because truly, I am a hermit at heart.  And because I was snowed it I took it upon myself to act as Godly wife in which I have been called by adequately prepping. 

That isn't actually any prep work, more like meals for the rest of the week prepped in advance because if I do not start on the weekend, we'll be eating breakfast for supper.  Since I am a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due: I have been inspired by Julia at Pawleys Island Posh, who has kept us up to date on her meal planning ventures.

Look: meal planning is one of those things I'm embarrassed to admit to because it may put me in the loser-el cheapo-groceries for $200/month and proud (seriously, that's not real)-couponing-mommy and me-category.  But I stalk Pawley'sIslandPosh on La Reg, and Julia is way cool. and sassy and relevant.  {We don't actually know each other, let's not talk about the category THAT comment puts me in}.  Plus her meal ideas are way better than "The BEST PINEAPPLE AND HONEY AND BROWN SUGAR AND CHICKEN AND RICE YOU'VE EVER HAD" I know you know what I'm talking about.

So thank you Jul-ierrrr ;o)

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