Sunday, February 17, 2013

My week in pictures

Of course my child had his One Year Old check up complete with vaccines.  Yes I am one of those old fashioned mothers who has her child vaccinated as measles will surely be more likely to kill him than the vaccine itself.

And in expected fashion he demolished everything in his path, even at the pediatrician's office.
He has neither shame nor discretion.
He will ruin your things regardless.  And by "ruin" I mean "eat."

Never worn flats that I wore today and never opened iphone case, both courtesy of GCF

My husband and I cooked dinner together for the first night in history.  It was magical.  Blackened Tilapia over Quinoa Ceaser Salad because I'm down like that.

Valentines Day attention.

Valentine's Day Indulgence.  Thank you Whole Foods for your very necessary Cheesecake Bites

Living Social offered "discounted" Restylane Treatments of which I am in dire straits; maybe that will be in the 2014 budget.  Sugar I'm still junking shopping thrift bins on the reg without apology. 

Valentine's Day continues and I just noted the price tag in this photo, how tacky of me...

Now you will see this week's winnings-Custom window valences for my breakfast nook at $1.29 a piece.  And to think, I never sift through those big disgusting fabric boxes ...well here's a new me.  I will not forget to bathe in anti-bacterial tonight, dontcha worry.  Note: this is not the final image of the mounted product.  This is the initial image of my jerry rigging them to the blind casings. 

Lucky for me someone at GCF thought this belonged in the bin of free clinique/lauder/prescriptives bonus baggies.  It didn't.  And I didn't see the use in telling them $1.99 later.

So. Adorable.  Pink Seer Sucker fabric.  Also $1.29.  Apparently that's the go to price when they aren't priced.  Helllllerrrr pillerrr cerrverrrs.

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