Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ace Towing

ErMerGersh.  This past week has been hellacious.  Sick child with RSV turned Double Ear Infection turned quickly into sick exhausted working mom guilt.

So I needed some forty five minutes of down time which inevitably involve paraffin.

Which turned into an additional three hours of social time at JoJo's house.  Jodi has the Fresh Market spread DOWN.  I mean. Down to China Town. 

Unfortunately, the towing companies in DOWNtown Raleigh, have towing DOWN.  I mean, Down to China Town.  Or Blount Street.  Whichever comes first.  Doesn't this look like a place killers sleep?

Look at that barbed wire.

Don't you just love when people choose career paths which directly make your life more complicated?

Jodi actually got out of the car to take this picture because she is well traveled and brave.  I just sat in the passenger seat after I handed her my phone to document my good times.  As I was driving away, {of course after paying my fine and informing the attendant that I have parked in that lot MANY times with NO TROUBLE} he showed me the area in his junkyard where the murdered prostitute was found last year {and the Raleigh Police Officer was obviously wrongfully accussed. Obviously.}  No I'm not kidding.
Great Story. Thanks. No don't recall that one.

On the flip side.  Jodi actually got to drive along the outside edges of Raleigh, looking just into the town limits of Garner, becoming THAT much closer to understanding who Scotty McCreery really is, you know, on the inside.

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