Wednesday, April 2, 2014


In November we went to Barnes and Noble and Whitten climbed on the tables.  Luckily the codgey employee was sure to tell us standing on tables was not allowed.  Luckily, Whitten cared.

I made pumpkin muffins with the Halloween pumpkins.  Nesting is for real.

We rolled low key and made smores.

Asos maternity leggings are where you need to be sugar marie.

Whitten had God-awful horrific screaming night tantrums for a solid month which tested both my sanity and Christianity.  We rolled on very minimal sleep in November.  Aint nobody done tol' me they had unprovoked seizure-like fits.

I utilized the Harris Teeter express lane more than ever before, being exhausted and pregnant and putting in way too much career time than I cared to, I felt valid in this decision.  Still do.

Whitten wore his jammies to Thanksgiving.  And...some kind of worker-man construction type head light.

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