Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Fourth!

We had Fourth of July.  In which I wished desperately we were at the beach in which we were not because I am a Registered Nurse in the State of North Carolina.  Which means, that in the State of North Carolina your nursing profession requires you to miss out on things you love and care about for the sake of the art and science of nursing.
So instead we went to a pool party after I worked and watched the fireworks from Dorothea Dix field.  Don't even get me started on the travesty that is the State of North Carolina not caring in the slightest for the mentally ill in relation to the State of Dorothea Dix.  By the way, how are we {the tax payers in the State of North Carolina-so no this question obviously does not apply to EVERYONE-} going to pay for the maintenance of a big beautiful park that I do not deny for one minute would add value and quality of life to the City of Raleigh?  I don't know abouchu:  But I like my money right where I can see it.  On my pay stub.  Not paying the lawn maintenance crews.  If so, I will hire them.  For my yard.  It's entirely too big.  That's what you get when you marry a self-proclaimed "Country Boy." 
A "yard." Ugh.  Smack me with a  Pick Ax.  Yes I now know what that is. 

Back to us having a great time at Dorothea Dix field.  Here we are loving fireworks and Raleigh and nice nights out with friends!  Ye haw. 
PS Please forgive me for that earlier rant.  Sometimes you just have to say how you feel in order to move forward.

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