Monday, July 15, 2013


Hello audience.  I keep disappearing.  Not because I am noncommittal rather just busy.  Ok I lied.  I'm not that busy I have been feeling a bit...errr..under the weather.  Urnder ther wearther.  I mean I've been DOING STUFF I just haven't had the energy to TALK ABOUT IT.  Imagine that.  First time in my life.

Herrr's Serme Urrpderrtes.

We had Faerrther's Derr.

Complete with all of the Faerther's Favorites.  Banana Pancakes.  A child at Pullen Park, {in case you didn't know, the train says, "choo choo" complete with hand motions.} Chicken Stuffed Pastries.  Yes I said that.  Then I slapped your grandmaw.   And Banana Pancake Nutella Snack Samich's.

Are you hanging on the edge of your seat for more?  Stay tuned!

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