Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family Room Continued

My family room dreams continued...Are you ready?  Cream shag carpet.  Yes really.  I said that.  Which is so absurd.

Yet so inviting and yummy.  See this all started when my cousin and I traded sofas this weekend.  Because we're edgy and wild and out of control.


The poor girl in me ran on down to Tower Carpets for some carpet remnant research.  If you can't beat em.  Join em.  Or, have something cut fit to size and color so you can afford it.


Options.  The dilemma of my life is that the sale rug is actually a higher quality carpet remnant.  Like swanky girl higher {which you know I don't generally turn  down swanky girl} However it is not as cream as I had hoped.  Which I realize a cream carpet is not wise according to my lifestyle.  Aka: child, dog, affinity to red wine, etc.


The lightest really does look the best but even the carpet man suggested strongly against it.  So I'm thinking the compromise will be the middle option.

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