Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My First World Problems

I should be way more embarrassed than I am to tell you this.  But I use outlets such as email to customer service departments through various marketplaces and agencies to handle my inner dealings.

I truly feel justified in giving them everything I've got. 

See what happens is.  I get really busy.  And then I handle my business via the world wide web.  Like make purchases for scrubs before I start my new old job-HELLO NICU WHAT WHAT IT'S BOUT TA GIT CRAZAYYY.
OK that was so obnoxious I just had to do it.

So when I place an order for something I hate buying to begin with.  In excess of six items (seven).  And you send me a confirmation email that my order is pending.  And I follow up on said order via order number in search of a tracking number.  And your place of business has the nerve to tell me every single of the seven articles in question are not in stock and the order is pending but don't worry my pretty little mind they'll get them to me as soon as they become available...I call bullshit.  Excuse me that was rude and crude and necessary.

I am not sorry.  Are you not in the business of selling your merchandise to the overpaying public?  I am well aware that your items are marked up--upwards of 100% and I STILL choose to place an order in excess of $200 of my cold hard earned cash for the sole purpose of absorbing another humans' urine, vomit, sputum, brain tissue, what have you-you'd better deliver sister.  Not one single item is even available for shipment?  Get your mess together honey, momma's not playing this game, you think I have time to chase around what is now rightfully mine as you were sure to charge the visa once I clicked " SUBMIT " and let's get real, you aren't even registered with Ebates...

Please enjoy a gross example of over sharing with an excerpt from my most recent : First World Problems  (this may become a series)

Meredith Decker <maj0414@gmail.com>
9:04 PM (18 minutes ago)

to customerservice
Order #: AH00528658​2

I'd like to follow up with this above noted order placed on Saturday.  To confirm: it appears as though none of the items I ordered are available to ship. I ordered 7 items. None are in stock?   Unacceptable.  When can I expect to receive my order? I can understand 1 or 2 items being on backorder, however all of them?    Are you a valid place of business?  Are you registered with the BBB? As you have already welcomed yourself to my bank account, I will not hesitate to contact said agency for review of your business practices.  
I believe one pair of scrub pants was on clearance-do tell-how is that not available to ship?
Please advise-
Thank you
Meredith Decker
And all of a sudden this issue is not about over priced Urbane and Grey's Anatomy Scrubs.  Or a lavender littman stethoscope. 

Now what it is about, I'm not sure-I'm a nurse not a psychiatrist.

Just get me mah stuff.

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