Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Pumpkin Patch Experience

Whitten's first pumkin patch experience was pretty much borderline disastrous.  Entering MommaZone. You've been warned.  {For those of you unfamiliar with MommaZone, please refer yourself, here}

So. Pretty much.  He was exhausted because he hardly napped all day (hello, church nursery, I just called you out) therefore he did not care to actually enjoy the pumpkin patch, rather he enjoyed to whine.  Josh was *excuse me* bitching because he didn't think it was his place to also enjoy the Whitten's First Pumpkin Patch Experience secondary to, you guessed it, football. Which is reasonable because his running back/quarterback/cornerback/defensive tackle, Ron-Darius-Debrikashaw-Brady-Rothlesberger was in fact, on his fantasy team, and playing, "RIGHT NOW," and "I'm MISSING IT."  Apparently his watching every play of each of these over-paid meat heads all weekend long (and parts of the week-yes football runs Thursday through Monday) is directly related to how they actually play (oh you didn't know that?)  Which is in fact a direct correlation to Fantasy Football Team Domination. 

I hate to be such a thorn in everyone's side (no I don't), but I'd just like to keep it real, real quick.  I work. All Day.  Every Day.  Parts of the work I do actually earn an income. A Salary.  The other parts, don't pay cash money (oh, you didn't know that either?)  No matter.  The point is.  I am busy.  All the time.  When I have thirty minutes.  To take my child.  To his very First Pumpkin Patch Experience.  Ever.  Everyone. Better. Cooperate.  And Pretend. To Love it.  Or. I will make you Hate. Everything. 

And you can run and tell that. 

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