Monday, November 26, 2012

More Holiday Follow Up

No really, all pouting aside it was a great holiday, the baby had his first ever Thanksgiving Day Lunch...

wearing my cousin's baby doll bib (she is five)

He does not actually have a Big Sister.
Thank you Jesus.

And first ever Thanksgiving Day Dinner in which one of my many family members decided he did not need to wear pants.

And while I'm not actually "for" posting pictures of your child that:
 1.) aren't even good pictures and
2.) are incriminating to you as a parent -ie child's face is filthy with koolaid, chewed up mac and cheese, vomitus {seriously yall, I saw that in a chart a few days ago.  Really? You think you're a prudent nurse because you can chart using the word "vomitus"?}, and/or no pants during Thanksgiving Dinner,

I went ahead and posted some of the above mentioned line items.   
(...MommaZone, anyone?)

As per usual, I will now showcase a picture of my Bojangles To Go Order...

Once we put this into place, to Blowing Rock we go.

Because we need a Christmas Tree.

Bebe, howevah.  Stayed in the car due to subzero temperatures.

Yes. Subzero.  In the North Carolina Mountains.  You may be a Carolina Girl...if ... it is embedded well within your belief system that when the thermomostat reaches below 60 degrees (Farenheit) it is, in fact, freezing.

Ok we let him out of the car for ten minutes to learn about Christmas Tree Farms.  See?

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Carri

And yessir, there you have it, that's a tree.  Naow get this child back in that truck before he catches his death.

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