Monday, October 15, 2012

Face Lift

Do you know what this is?  Then I'll tell you.  It is a disgusting skirted ottoman from my grandmother's house.  She covered it herself.  Lawd only knows what's going on under that skirt.

Oh ok you don't have to guess.  Because I'll just show you.

Joann's Fabrics (as I like to call it, JoJo's) had a fabbie fab sale.  Like they do erry weekend.  I'm talking. fabbie. fab. fabulicious.  I mean sale so good it hurt. 

I think it ended up being marked down plus take an additional one million off, so say... $7/yard for Waverly Lattice Melon something or other.

But like any self respecting lady I had to explore my options.  Note the little mini cheetah print square down thurr? Gah! So fun.

Ok I enjoyed this suzani print too. Moving on.

Ignore the background of the television, no clue what that was.  Probably The Voice. HA!  Josh think's Blake Shelton is his best friend.

Ok the facelift continues...

The legs don't come off which posed a problem.  However I am very persistant (which has proven to be a good and bad thing) so we just will work around that issure naow won't we?


Ok so then this concludes my adventures in re-upholstery.  I don't have patience to maintain habits of this nature long term.

Have a Romy and Michelle Day!

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