Friday, October 5, 2012

To Do Good Hair

Ok I feel like a major blee-och but this is what had happened.

I need to get to the beauty salon. stat.  My fab hair girl {is from Dallas, enough said} left to have a baby {and is never coming back, enough said}.  So last go round they hooked me up with another girl in the Salon. Which was so thoughtful and kind however I am a paying customer and I daresay this hairstyle is no longer "in." {But she thought it was.}

Naow.  Not to be ugly, and hair girl: I love you with the love of Jesus but you are in fact from Syracuse, which there is nothing WRONG with, however it is not Dallas.  So I am afeared your personal tragedy may, in fact, interfere with your ability to do good hair.*  Plus obviously our styles/tastes/backgrounds/and all over everything else/obviously share little common ground. Obviously.

*17 points if you can catch that reference.  If not, google it, there is no excuse to NOT know that reference.

So I call for an Emergent {that's: Emergent, upgraded from Urgent. Which means you better move fast, sister, in the nursing realm.  And if you can't then more than likely someone who can move fast will swoop in and save your a**, your patient's, and  in doing so will probably push your slow self out of the way.  PS: Get over it if you're of the sensitive sort.} 

And I ask MissPriss Phone Answer-er, to pUH lease squeeze me in today, but might I ask who is available.  MissSyracuse?  Oh no, shug, not to be ugly but we can't be doing all that again.  I apologized, and tried to explain myself in a kind and gracious manner that according to my latest research I was not, in fact, mistaken that Rachel's Hair from the mid 1990's was not, in fact, stylish, anymore.  And that arrangements would need to be made as I am in hot pursuit of a sassy {preferably southern. } {Not to be a hater, but it is what it is.} beauty shop stylist.

I had already determined that if she planned on sass-ing me I would pull the, "Oh really, well I'd just hate for this conversation to get around to my neighbor, who happens to own the salon, that would just be a mess, now wouldn't it...?"

However she was accommodating.  Aside from a rude tone.  Which I can tolerate and will {sometimes} as I am not of the sensitive sort.

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