Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guest Room Turned Nursery

Ok hurr we go, I said I wanted to participate in the ORC-One Room Challenge-but I've already missed like three deadlines.  Feels pretty...standard for me.  Ok so to catch you up: I'm not going into the details, I wasn't invited to partake because I'm not a big wig lady-blogger decorista-but Linda at Calling It Home has allowed for others to LINK UP! And participate at will.  So hey why not?  I have to get this nursery done, I figured I'll put myself out there, try something new, etc etc.
Guest Room Turned Nursery. 
Guest Room Turned Nursery
Are you ready for the current pictures...?

Ahhh this is truly an exercise in public humiliation.  Guest room.  Doesn't always have laundry and misplaced furniture strowed ever-which-way...but it does now.  And that has to change.  By January 6, 2014.  So here we go.  I've mentioned in past posts what I'm "going for"...  but I'll refresh your memory because I'm gracious.

Picture white on white, dusk pinks...frenchie-french-esq.
And I'm not even going to lie, the painters are coming next week.  No I am not painting.

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