Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Christmas Time in the City!

Hello Loverlees.  Have you all been busy as hale this holiday seasern?  As have I.  It's taken me a month to get this far...

Remember how we went to Blowing Rock for the perfect tree?  Well.  The perfect tree in the mountains is about 3 times the size of the perfect tree at the Farmer's Market.  So.  That's how you run into the "I ran out of sassy swag wrap around the tree stuff," problem.  Look at how it makes the rest of the room seem so.  Empty?

Cliche display holiday towels are not to be used during the holidays.  Or ever. Strictly. Display.  No touchy.

Have to love the Christmas cards, y'all!  So I saw plenty of blog posts as to how best display that you have great friends and family, however I did not have the time/make the time to DIY decorative holiday cards display garland.  Maybe next year.  Instead they went into this overly stylish and way hip acrylic tray ;o)

I am my mother.  As soon as I noticed nutcrackers on sale I HAD TO HAVE THEM.  Guard my ornaments on display in my Spode serving bowl (thatiboughtatgoodwillshutthehaleup.)

Murry Chrimuh, Yall.

Thanks Bailey's.  I love you and your cliche display platters.

I just added this so you could catch a glimpse of my sexy lynx throw.  It's real.  I paid $500,00 for it.

And this isn't exactly Christmas themed, but it is.  Because the drapes are what my sister MADE me for Christmas.  So Very. Merry. Christmas.  To my lady's lair.  Ignore the rest of the room, badly in need of a make over-I'll work on that year? Thanks Emilie!

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