Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day!

Did you have a great Father's Day weekend?  Me too, here's what it looked like, in chronological order:

We had no choice but to go car shopping because I sold my tried and true "Jalopee" this past week.  This is Josh running his mouth to the first car salesman we dealt with.  Not. Pretty.

So we headed to Farmville.  Not Wilson.  But we passed Wilson on the way to Farmville.

See, here's Farmville.

And if you are in search of a car, ask for Curtis, he'll take good care of you.  On another note, Doug: Clean up your Farmville "Show Room" Even if you don't think it's as swanky as your Greenville or Tarboro location. 

True Life: I now own a momma-mobile.

 Fast Forward to Sundee.

Banana Pancakes for the Father.

Then churchy and a trip to Pullen Park.  Er Mer Gersh the young'n loved it.

And that apparently is what the word "Choo Choo" looks like to a 16 month old.

Thus the train ride.

And in true fashion we end the day with a  Banana Pancake Nutella Sammie.  Compliments of the Father of the Day.
The. End.

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